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Get tested for glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition where increased pressure within the eyeball can cause gradual loss of sight. Generally glaucoma can be controlled if it is caught in its early stages. Let our optometrists detect if you are at risk or suffering from this impairment.

       Helping you see things clearly

Your vision is a sense that has to be accurate to achieve daily functions. A comprehensive examination can evaluate your vision and the health of your eyes. We will pinpoint any symptoms you may have and take the proper procedures to correct the issue quickly and efficiently.

Optometry services

  •    Comprehensive eye exams for children and adults

  •    Glaucoma evaluations

  •    Cataract evaluations

  •    LASIK consultations and co-management

  •    Minor eye emergency and red eye care

  •    Dry Eye Treatment and Management


Our Ward and Pearlridge locations accept most insurances including Eyemed, HMA, HMSA, Quest, Spectera, Tricare, Union insurances, VSP and more.